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[IP] Saving Insulin

>>>>>>Barbara said:  -My CDE has me leave the reservoir cap in the insulin
vial, in the fridge,
and save the plunger. When changing. I put the unused insulin in the 
old resorvoir back in the insulin vial. After filling new cartridge
first, because of all the air it introduces. Semms to work good, and no
wasted insulin. <<<<<<<

I have always taken the leftover insulin from my MM pump and put it back
into the insulin bottle currently in use.  I have never had a problem doing
this, in ten years.  Many of us do what we can to save what we can.  I
cannot make a site go past 4 days for the life of me.  But I can re-use the
tubing and reservoir two times, or three. I seem to have delivery problems
when I go three times, but not always.  I change my lancet needle on the
seasonal changes, or when I remember, or when it starts to hurt.  My mileage
certainly varies and YMMV.  I do not advise anyone else doing this.  But,
after all, I am a professional pump user.  

Bonnie from Bama
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