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RE: [IP] Any good books?


I would like to obtain all of these books (except Pumping Insulin).  Can
you tell me where is the best place to purchase them?

I would also like to add that I just read Optimal Pumping, by Freddi
Fredrickson, published by MiniMed.  It was very good at giving
strategies for optimizing and fine tuning pump therapy and for dealing
with situations, like physical intimacy, travel, and exercise.  It also
had the best discussion I have ever seen of how to handle alcohol
consumption.  It gave practical ways for dealing with it, without saying
that it was forbidden.

Antonio in Los Angeles
Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
Paradigm 512

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Scott said "I am going to start Pumping in 2 weeks can anyone recommend
their favourite book on the Subject"?
Hi Scott,
I agree with Matt, "Pumping Insulin" is the first.  I also have "Insulin
Pump Therapy Demystified" by Kaplan - Mayer; "Smart Pumping" by Howard
Wolpert.  Also pretty good books.

One I would recommend to all is "Diabetes Burnout- What to do When You
Take It Anymore" by William Polonsky ADA (American).  It's by a
from the Joslin Diabetes Centre.  A good book to help with "realistic
thinking" about Diabetes and strategies to help when no matter what you
"nothing seems to work".
Good luck with the Pump start.
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> Without a doubt, "Pumping Insulin" is the bible to successful pumping.
It's by
> John Walsh. There's a link to purchase it through the IP web page,
> part of the profits to IP.
> Matt
> > I am going to start pumping in two weeks.  Can anyone recommend
> > favorite book on the subject?  Thanks.
> > -Scott
> > dxd 7/03 age 33
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