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Re: [IP] static electricity discharges

 I think your idea of getting a person who knows ESD in and out is a good one,
MM would be lucky if Doug had some time to work on the insulin pumps. If you
contacted Doug and let him know the problems
he just might be able to work the ESD issues. Dougs email address is:
email @ redacted I think.
Richard Haynes

Judi <email @ redacted> wrote:

Richard, that would be great if something like that could be arranged
for me by MM. The great majority of my failures occur during the night
while I am asleep in my bed on cotton sheets, washed with with fabric
softener and dried with dryer sheets, then sprayed with static guard. I
sleep in cotton fabric and keep the pump touching my skin as a MM
engineer has advised this would be the best way to ground it, better
than in their case or wrapped in a dryer sheet. These steps have cut
down on how often my pump stops working but have not eliminated the

It would be wonderful if MM had other ideas, but they seem to have run
out of options. They have never suggested any further ideas and
basically just offer me another pump, but every pump has done the exact
same thing.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> After so many pumps
> there may be a set of conditions that do yours pump in. If you traced all
> ESD steps there may be something that is seen to be the common cause.
> like grounding to a common electric circuit as we did in production. I will
> MM could arrange for a ESD common. It will take a bit of tracing. There are
> people who do this as a Profession.
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