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[IP] Need information/pen pals/help for student...

Hi everybody,
I have been busy busy busy with my first year of teaching and have been put
into an interesting situation.  One of my students is diabetic and was
diagnosed just in April of this year.  In addition to being 13 and going
through the "normal" age 13 changes, he also has problems with chronic
migrains and seems to be exiting his honeymoon period.  The end result is
that he is constantly battling high bgs and has missed a lot of school.

I have talked to the parents briefly about this and have learned a bit of
their situation.  I legally can't give them medical advice, but I have been
talking with the school nurse and trying to help with suggestions that she
can legally give.  [The staff at my school is very competent and they have 5
or 6 students on insulin pumps.  They actually have recommended to his
family that they look into getting one.]  The boy is on NPH and R three
times a day and it obviously isn't working for him.  The mother apparently
has asked their current doctor about an insulin pump and he told them that
until he was regulated that wasn't an option.

The school nurse told the mother that this advice was ridiculous since the
pump would help their son to regulate himself.  She gave them the names of a
few local pediatric endochronologists who were pump savvy and I am unsure if
the mother followed through on it.

My thoughts are if I can give them some leads to looking into a pump,
contacts to parents of kids who pump, and maybe a pen pal for the son, this
might move them in the right direction?  I know that they are overwhelmed
right now with everything but I don't get the feeling they have any support
right now outside of their doctor.   I have been unable to see if the nurse
has been able to get permission from the parents of the other kids in the
school who pump to talk to them.

Please email me privately email @ redacted with your suggestions
since I am on digest.


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