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[IP] Re: high readings after site changes

 I had the exact same problem happen to me for the last year until I made three
changes. First, I found I had developed sensitivity to Humalog so I switched to
Novolog, and second, I stopped using my overused lower ab and only use upper ab,
hips, etc. now. I also leave the old set in for a couple of hours. Since I've
made all these changes I no longer have a problem with bgs going way up after a
site change and then plummeting later on. Since I made three changes all at
once, I can't say which one is responsible for the difference, but I suspect
it's mostly the first two. Pam

<Yes.  I did try.  But, since the insulin is, seemingly, not then being
absorbed, I would go even higher because of eating something that 
the insulin.  Also, there is then this amount of insulin kind of 
in my body.  I raised a question some time ago as to what was suppose 
happen to that insulin, and someone (maybe "spot") said it was somehow
destroyed by the body.  Well, that does not seem to happen to me.  When
the new site starts to work, that insulin I may have taken 3, 4, 5, or
even 6 hours before will start to function; if I am at an appropriate
blood glucose level when that happens, I will go low. >
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