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Re: [IP] The Animas IR-1200 Chat

On 19 Nov 2003 at 8:12, by way of George <email @ redacted> wrote:

> George,
>    You state that the new Animas pump will allow basal adjustments to
>    0.025 and I can really appreciate that.  But the comment about the 0.05
>   bolus increment is totally false. And as for the Deltec and I tink the
>   newer MM pumps that can do bolusing by carb count...this can be an
>    infinite bolus increment since it is so precise.
> Just for the record.......
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua who really likes the exact bolus on his PUMPY

Just for the record, I may have misunderstood you earlier this morning
(seems to be an age thing with me!)     ;>)

And another "age thing", did I say that Animas was the only one with a .05
bolus increment?   If I did, you are correct in that I was wrong.  I need to
get the manual from Deltec on the Cozmo because I understand that it DOES do
a bolus in a 0.05 unit amount.  From the manual on the 512 it does state
that the smallest bolus size for the MM is 0.1

I am a little confused on this "infinite bolus increment" though.  Would you
please post further information on this?   My thinking is that it is the
same as what is available with the IR-1200, but I have been known to be
wrong before.  I used to think that I made mistakes but now I know that I
was wrong about that!    ;>)

Best of Pumping to Josh!

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