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[IP] Supporting Support Groups

 I haven't followed this entire thread (I'm still on digest version and don't
always get the time to read every post), but I just wanted to
add a thought...

 I lead a support group for families of kids with diabetes. Yes, the group is
all about emotional "support," but we currently have free
childcare for all the kids provided by the Animas Corporation!

 I could charge the parents money to pay the babysitters, but I thought it would
be more "supportive" to offer them a place to come that is
 totally free of charge. Thanks to Animas, we can now offer this. So....the
financial support of these companies truly does add to the overall
emotional support that the group can offer.

 My next hope is to get another company (Deltec?) to provide some money to cover
the cost of craft supplies for the kids. (The childcare
 providers do a really cool craft with the school-age kids, and presently, the
parents are paying for the craft supplies. Again, I want this
to be free of charge for the families!)

 The way I see it, it is low-cost advertising for the companies. I'm happy to
provide that!

Mom to Emily (4 1/2, dx'd Oct '01, soon to be pumping)
Peoria, IL
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