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[IP] Paradigm Pathway Upgrade on sale!

 I upgraded to the Paradigm 512 in September, and paid $450 out of pocket. It
was so worth it -
 the bolus calculator has made a HUGE difference in my control. I no longer
 corrections, because the pump calculates 'active insulin' (bolus that has not
yet been absorbed)
 and subtracts it from the correction. I also love the new basal settings (.05
units instead of .1
 At my pump group meeting on Monday, someone told me that this upgrade program
is now on sale for
 I encourage any 511 users to purchase the upgrade - the new features have
really helped me, and I
 have been pumping for 8 years! I tended to 'round' my calculations, the bolus
calculator is exact
to the .1 unit.  

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