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RE: [IP] candy for lows

From: "Juan Antonio Dominion" email @ redacted

I use Life Savers as well and since having a tooth problem, the Gummi
Savers, because they're softer (I know the sugar absorption probably
isn't as good).
All these years I couldn't understand why anyone would need the glucose
tabs, which I think taste horrible. I thought I was just a "bad"
renegade diabetic.

AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH, Antonio!  Put down the Life Savers and back away and no
one will get hurt!  LOL  I ate so many Life Savers for lows growing up, I
can barely look at them today.  Also had them repeatedly "melt" or get
sticky in purses or pockets over summers, sometimes drawing ants <blech>,
neither of which the tabs do.  I buy drugstore-brand glucose tabs (which now
come in artificial watermelon flavor mmmmmmm I really don't like artificial
flavors as a rule, but watermelon is a sick penchant of mine since
Friendly's came out with Watermelon Sherbet Coolers when I was young lol)
fwiw, the orange and raspberry are yummy, too.  Yes, they are more expensive
than Life Savers.   And if one likes watermelon flavor like I do, there
*are* watermelon hard candies. <g>  But like the gal with 8 kids said, candy
would disappear in my house, too, with 6 kids - the glucose tabs look
"funky" enough that they respect that they're mine, mine, mine ;-)  And
really, does it matter *what* we use, as long as it works to bring down
*our* low?  Life Savers, Gummi Savers, Glucose Tabs - it's all good ;-)
Vive la difference!

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