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Re: [IP] The Animas IR-1200 Chat

At 1:11 AM -0500 11/19/03, email @ redacted wrote:
>   You state that the new Animas pump will allow basal adjustments to 0.025
>and I can really appreciate that.  But the comment about the 0.05 bolus
>  increment is totally false.

Sylvia, the information you have may be outdated, please remember 
that this is a product not yet released and information you have may 
have been from an earlier production trial:

Tue Nov 18 21:07:52 EST 2003 (02:07 GMT) Barbara Montgomery 
<email @ redacted>
Features include CarbSmart, BG bolus, insulin on board and a really 
easy to use user interface. Also .025 U/hr basal and .05 bolus.

As for the other pumps you mentioned, I'm sure there are properties 
that are helpful to you and Joshua, BUT this pump CAN be adjusted to 
an increment of .025 in it's basal settings and it is the ONLY pump 
that can do that.  This IS the pump for the insulin sensitive and 
that can not be denied.

George     ;>)
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