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RE: [IP] The Animas IR-1200 Chat

>  You state that the new Animas pump will allow basal adjustments to
>and I can really appreciate that.  But the comment about the 0.05 bolus

> increment is totally false. And as for the Deltec and I tink the newer
MM pumps that can do >bolusing by carb count...this can be an infinite
bolus increment since 
>it is so precise.
>Just for the record.......
>mom to Joshua who really likes the exact bolus on his PUMPY

On my MM512, when I enter my blood sugar and carb grams, it gives me a
value, measured in tenths of a unit, that I can accept or adjust, again
in increments of a tenth of a unit.  I have no sense that I can do
anything more precise than that.  (Though, frankly, I'm not at a point
in my control where something that finely-tuned would be appropriate.
Remember, there are significant limits on the accuracy in which blood
sugars and carbohydrate counts can be measured...)

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