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[IP] Re: Help

" I still have the same - what I will
> call - delay in uptake from the new set.  It lasts several hours and
> blood sugars go up in the meanwhile.  That is why I do site changes
> shortly after a meal, so that it will be quite a while before I have 
> to give a bolus for food."
1.  "Have you tried changing your site *before* a meal so it won't be as 
long for that uptake? I thought my manual said it was best to change 
sites before a meal so a larger amount than just basal would be infused 
into the new site."  

Yes.  I did try.  But, since the insulin is, seemingly, not then being
absorbed, I would go even higher because of eating something that needed
the insulin.  Also, there is then this amount of insulin kind of ticking
in my body.  I raised a question some time ago as to what was suppose to
happen to that insulin, and someone (maybe "spot") said it was somehow
destroyed by the body.  Well, that does not seem to happen to me.  When
the new site starts to work, that insulin I may have taken 3, 4, 5, or
even 6 hours before will start to function; if I am at an appropriate
blood glucose level when that happens, I will go low.  That is why I
prefer to wait several hours before I eat.

2.  Some raised the issue of making sure the cannula is filled and
insulin is getting into the body.  It was couched in terms of whether it
is 5 units or 0.5 units.  Obviously, this is part of the proper technique
issue.  But, in answer - Yes.  I have done both.  I have followed the
devices's instructions and given a 0.5 or 1 unit prime, as appropriate,
and I have given a 5 unit prime.  It does not seem to matter.  To give
some perspective, my basal is 10 units per hour (no, that is a joke; it
is 1.1)  So, while proper technique is important, and leaving the old
cannula in for several hours may solve the problem for most, I often, if
not invariably, have the delay uptake issue.  

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