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Re: [IP] RE: My Reply/90 day trials

Right!  No insurance for everything except batteries (512 uses next to 
nothing!) and IV prep. and we'd be out of here!

Apparently, there are life-time maximums for diabetic supplies now in some 
policies!  Oh, oh!  I hope that doesn't come in in our plan!

We did have to pay for a substantial part of the pump--we got the Soft-tact 
glucose meter and $1,000 on the pump covered.  That's about 20% of the cost 
of the pump.

I have wondered what life was like for diabetics before glucose monitoring 
devices and pumps if they had hypoglycemia often and were presented no signs 
to their spouses.  It does give one pause for thought.  Oh, well,we 
shouldn't go back!  We should turn the page!  We must go forward.


>Probably the same answer as for a great many things -- MONEY.  It costs
>a great deal of money to both get a pump and keep one up.  Not everyone
>has insurance, and not all insurance pays for a pump or pump supplies or
>pays for all of them.  Many only pay a percentage.  Depending on what
>percentage, you can still be left to come up with about $1000 to just
>get the pump itself and the first three months of supplies.
>I know that my own insurance, in it's guidelines for qualifying for a
>pump, flat out states that it will not provide pumps for Type II
>diabetics under any circumstances, so that eliminates a great many
>people right there.
>Keep in mind, if your insurance didn't buy you a pump and pay at least
>part of your supplies, would you be able to keep pumping?  I know I
>Judi in MI
>email @ redacted
> > Why isn't everyone pumping insulin?  I haven't had to call an ambulance 
> > nearly 2 years.  No glucagon injections. No prying teeth open to force
> > monojel down my husband's throat.  I'm not going to be able to maintain 
> > "nursing" skills much longer.
> >
> > Oh, by all means, say what you think.
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