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Re: [IP] trusting my pump

>On 17 Nov 2003 at 8:48, ruth jennison <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > a few comments/questions after four days on my new pump.
> > 1. did anyone have problems coming to "trust" their pump?

I have had a lot of trouble trusting the pump and my husband has been on it 
for 21 months already.  I test a lot.  On the other hand, we haven't had a 
blood sugar reading below 2.4 ever.  We haven't had a reaction where he 
needed more than me to throw him a 3/4 c. of OJ.  I've given him glucose 
tablets a couple of times, but that's because I  hadn't mixed up the frozen 
OJ and he was at about 2.4 or we've been out of the house or away from the 
car and all I have is tablets.

If these are insulin reactions, I'd put them at 1 on the open-ended Richter 
scale compared to what I was used to on  his two shots a da.
> > recurring fear that the pump will malfunction, or the set will go bad,
>A "going bad" Set Happens (I did spell that "set", not the 4 letter word)   

I concur with George. My husband had an infusion set fall out the other day. 
  (I had told him we should shave that tum-tum of his a bit three days 
earlier!) I had just done the glucose test!  It was at 4.1!  How can one 
have a non-existant set and low bg?  I don't know! My husband can manage 
anything, believe me!

You have to learn to laugh at this stull!

If you test and keep an eye on things, you should be o.k.  It helps to be a 
bit paranoid, I think.
> > or ill just suddenly spike. i know all of these things can happen, but
> > im having trouble feeling that they are exceptions to the rule. i
> > think it is just so odd not to take a shot for food, and there really
> > isnt visual affirmation that insulin has been delivered (other than
> > the pump screen) so it is most likely a period of adjustment. im
> > having trouble sleeping from worry about it.

Is this like breast feeding?  Women give up breast feeding because they 
can't see an empty bottle!  Surely a smiling husband is all the affirmation 
you need?

My husband's lovely continuous glucose monitoring system's graphs did the 
world for me!  See!  He never goes low at night!  See!  He never goes above 
10 even with food! See!  He only came close to below 4 once and I saw that!  
He was sweating profusely and confused.

Strange! It's been 21 months and since we did that CGMS stuff, I've been 
sleeping like a baby. I do the bgs, but I don't get up in the middle of the 
night any more for two or three hours.
>  You will find that the rule is that there are no rules. Don't worry, 
> > 3. im using the quickset, which is going fine. however: when i was
> > trying out the set several times i never had a reaction. now, i get a
> > red circle that looks like an angry bullseye around the little red dot
> > where the cannula was. it doesnt itch, so this may be a bit cosmetic.
> > should i try that tape-stuff? i cant figure out if im allergic to the
> > adhesive, or the redness is caused by removal, which in my opinion,
> > really hurts (like pulling off the tape they use after taking your
> > blood.
>  Or is it the insulin. Many pumpers (myself included) have alergic 
>reactions to
>  Humalog. I used to mix H and Velosulin, but now I'm on straight Novolog. 
>I love
>  products and have an aversion to E.Coli, even though injected Humalog 
>caused no


The mark quickly fades, dosen't it?  My dh gets that, too. Nothing to worry 
> > 5. finally, i use so little insulin (almost 30 percent less on the
> > pump) that i was wondering if i could keep the same cartridge in when
> > i changed the set. yesterday with my first set change i threw away the
> > old cartridge, along with quite a bit of insulin, which seemed like a
> > waste.
>  Definitely a waste, IMO. I change the set every three days, I change the
>cartridge every 6
>  to 8 days (note: Braums Flavor of the Week is Chocolate Covered Cherries, 
>out!) ;>)
>Quite often the set change and cartridge change do not coincide.

We are on the mini-med 511/Pardigm.  It has a small reservoir. It 
occasionally runs out, before a set change is due and the set is going great 
so I just get a new reservoir and insert it early.  If 12 hours later, we 
need a new set, I just top up the new reservoir.  I discard reservoirs as I 
empty them, but, maybe, you could fill them twice.


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