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[IP] Re: Help

> Subject: [IP] Re: Help
> I still have the same - what I will
> call - delay in uptake from the new set.  It lasts several hours and
> blood sugars go up in the meanwhile.  That is why I do site changes
> shortly after a meal, so that it will be quite a while before I have 
> to give a bolus for food.

Have you tried changing your site *before* a meal so it won't be as 
long for that uptake? I thought my manual said it was best to change 
sites before a meal so a larger amount than just basal would be infused 
into the new site. Also, when I had the problem of 300 BGs for 3-5 hrs. 
after a changeout, I wasn't aware that the prime went inside me after 
the introducer needle was removed. I was missing that .5u for the 
SofSet and it made quite a diff. when I primed it inside. YMMV

Michael wrote, in part:
> Think about how small the "5" unit droplet at the end of the set is 
> when you prime. Then visualize how small a droplet only a single unit 
> might be.


I'm sorry, but I still can't agree with you on the 5u thingy. I think 
it should be 0.5u that you are talking about. If you take a regular 
insulin syringe (shot) and measure 5 units - that's wayyyyyyy more than 
a small *droplet* - it's still 5 units no matter how you measure it. 
Then if you shoved the plunger at nothing you'd have quite a stream 
resulting across the room. A small droplet won't do that. (~_^)

Jan & Bluda Sue (who is posting from the liberry cuz her PC needs to go 
to the puterpital!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) After shutdown 
(incorrectly) and scandisk runs, I get only a blue screen. Nuttin' more!

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