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RE: [IP] day 3, love it!!


Why am I so contrary?

The only time my husband had a delivery problem with the pump was when he 
was at work wearing dress pants.  Most of the time around here he wears 
track pants.  After the first non-delivery and hearing the alarm at his desk 
after it had been getting louder and louder, he watched the pump deliver the 
insulin until it was finished.  He only had the problem with the lunch time 

He's not fat, by the way and the belt didn't seem at all tight!  Of course, 
men don't have the hips women do so perhaps, a women wouldn't have much 
trouble with a belt over the pump hose.

P.S. My husband has been on the pump since the end of Feb. 2002!  I swear 
never a no-delivery message except when he was wearing dress pants at work 
with a light belt.


>I have had no delivery problems when doing this very same thing Barb.

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>Subject: [IP] day 3, love it!!
>I have been reading everyone's post's for sometime now, waiting to get
>my pump and get started. I got it thursday, and started saline Friday.
>Saturday I began using insulin. I am so happy! 35 years of MDI, and I
>finally did it. Reading all your stories helped me make the move. I have
>a silly question. I tuck my 43" tubing into my pants, and they are a
>little tight. Will this hurt the delivery or the tubing? Thanks!
>Diagnosed type I/1968

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