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[IP] Marsha's spikes...

 Marsha said, >>>>Usually, I can blame this on hormones (I'm a 46 year old 
peri-menopausal woman), but this happened a whole week early!  <<<<<

My own experience is that when I was "pre" (peri-) menopausal, it  caused
horrendous spikes in my bgs.  I am 62, and have been on the pump 10 years.
It was because my bgs were going up and down erratically, that I got on the
pump.   Neither my family doctor, nor the specialist at Kirklin Clinic in
Bham, AL, would agree that hormones had anything to do with the craziness of
my bgs.   I was irritable, grumpy, depressed, could not sleep,  and sweat
poured off me at 3-4 AM  It was menopause.   The pump helped stabilize the
irrational spikes.   Did not stop them, just made it easier to get them back
down and maintain at least a 6.5.   I KNOW HORMONES were messing me up.
So, knowing you are pre-menopausal, it won't matter when your periods
are....your poor hormones are just out of whack.  That is my UN Medical, UN
Scientific, personal experience belief.  Those hormones that flared up in my
early to mid-forties, have quieted down considerably by now.  I still take
Prempro, but only every 3 days....tried stopping cold turkey when "bad news"
came out, but chose not to go off completely.   

My recommendation for you is to make an appointment with your OBGYN for
blood test to determine hormone levels, read Gail Sheehy's book, "Silent
Passage", and pray for serenity.  I wish you the best. 
Bonnie in Bama 
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