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Re: [IP] Questions for Chat re: New Animas IR 1200

>We are thrilled to hear about the new Animas IR 1200 coming out -- we've been
>so happy with the IR1000 pump and with Animas' great service/support but were
>starting to get envious of some of the bells and whistles available on some
>of the other pumps that have been released since Katie started pumping . . .
>I can't make the chat tomorrow night but was hoping that some kind soul(s)
>who will be participating could ask a few questions for me:

This is really good that you've posted these, Lyndy.   We do like to 
get people to send the Chat Hosts a list of questions ahead of time 
so that every question addressed will be answered.  Particularly when 
it is about a new product.  Sometimes questions can come up that 
require further investigation that the Guest Chatter might not have 
encountered before about their product.  I will Forward your 
questions to the Guests to be sure that they do address them, or 
answer them to you directly off-list.  Of course most of the 
questions you've asked should be answered during Chat.

If anyone else has questions that they would want to ask, 
particularly those that might require further investigation, please 
send them to me and I will be sure to Forward them to the right 
people at Animas.  Rodney normally takes care of this, but he has had 
a lot to deal with lately.  The Best Wishes of every one on the List 
for Rodney would be greatly appreciated!   Get Better, Rod!!!!!   ;>)


>1.  Details about it's "calculation" features (carb boluses, corrective
>boluses, unused insulin, etc.).
>2.  If the alarms with adjustable volume/vibrate mode are only for actual
>  "warning" alarms (low insulin level, non-delivery of insulin, etc.) -- or if
>also includes a feature for user defined "alarms"  such as reminders to check
>BG levels or to bolus.
>3.  What kind of upgrade opportunities will Animas offer for existing Animas
>pumpers (Katie's will have been pumping with Animas for three years by the
>time the 1200 comes out this summer).
>4.  Other than the reduction in cartridge capacity (200 vs. the current 300
>units), are there any features of the current Animas pumps that will not be
>available with the new pump?
>5.  Is that engineering for watertightness of essentially the same design as
>with their 1000 pumps?  And if there's any significant difference -- in what
>6.  The new big screen looks great -- I assume it's still got a back light
>7.  Will the new pump also use a standard, readily available battery (like
>the current 357 or an AAA etc.)?
>Thanks a bunch!  (I can't wait to read the transcript!)
>Pumpmama to Katie -- happily pumping since 6-1-01 with her Animas 1000
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