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RE: Re: [IP] Sweating Citation, Autonomic Neuropathy

Thanks, Gail!

That article is absolutely FASCINATING.  I know that I suffer from
autonomic neuropathy because I have been diagnosed with gastroparesis.
So the sweating, or hyperhidrosis, would go right along with that.  What
I did not know, however, is that I can develop a tolerance to the
medication I take for the gastroparesis, Reglan, and that it should be
periodically withdrawn to reestablish effectiveness.

I do subscribe to Medscape (I love it) and have tried doing searches for
sweating and looked up all the medications I take for sweating and fever
as possible side effects.  Had it not been for this article, I never
would have thought to search for hyperhidrosis and diabetes.  Nor would
I have thought to ask my Endocrinologist about these symptoms.  I would
never have guessed that sweating would be related.

Thank you to you, and to everyone else who has participated in this
discussion to lead to a path of final understanding of this frustrating
problem.  The only unfortunate thing is that there doesn't seem to be a
real concrete treatment for sweating, other than a couple of medications
which may exacerbate the gastroparesis because they can cause delayed
stomach emptying.


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(for whatever reason this hesn't appeared on the IP
site since I sent it this morning).

> Here is one document:
> http://www.ccjm.org/pdffiles/Vinik1101.pdf
> Page 3 & 15-ish.
> Also, if you are not a member of Medscape
> (medscape.com) you should think about checking it
> out.
>  Excellent technical resources.
> -gail
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> -gail in denver
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