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RE: [IP] Help...

> Well, I am here.
> Brittle, IDDM 20 yrs
> Pump 2 yrs
> Stress makes my BG high.  Have you been ill at all ?

Don't know about ill, but maybe a bit stressed about my schoolwork.  My
girlfriend has commented on stress making my blood sugars higher, but my
response would be something like, "When would I ever have the luxury of
not being stressed?"

> Have you ingested anything else today, tonight ( I figure not 
> ) ? What is your insulin to carb ratio ?  Basal rate ? I buy 

Insulin to carb: 1:9.  Basal rates: 1.0 6am to noon, 1.6 noon to 2pm,
1.5 2pm to 6pm, 1.6 6pm to midnight.

> you did not take enough for ginger thing. Body, now, as 

I believe that, but the magnitude of the following high seems
unwarranted.  I did have an apple which I bolused for around site change
time, and some food (and glucose tablets) when it was at 47.

> result of your dropping BG may be bringing you up on it's own 
> through liver. I would not do ANOTHER(!) site change. I would 
> keep checking BG AND increase your basal rate. My two cents 
> as we seem to be the only ones here ! Good luck. Let me know, 
> please, how you feel and what you think. Thank you ! One that 
> had low BG tonight, embarrassed self and was given Coke by a 
> policeman L Ford

Ruh-roh.  At least the policeman knew what to do.
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