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RE: [IP] Help...


It sounds like perhaps you had not primed the site or the tubing
correctly, or perhaps there was a large air bubble in the tubing even
after you did.

If it helps any, I'm using the MM 512 with a "Bolus Wizard" which is
supposed to accurately compute insulin for corrections.  This morning I
woke up at around 350, so I used the Bolus Wizard to figure how much
correction I needed.  A couple hours later, I was in the 40's.

Sometimes this disease makes no sense.  Someone from the list went to
the Children With Diabetes Expo where she saw a doctor with diabetes
show a graph of his BGs over a 24 hour period and the ranged from 50 to
300.  It's even hard for the 'experts' to get sometimes.

I don't know if this is what you were looking for but I hope it was some
help.   Good luck getting that project done!

Antonio in Los Angeles
Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
Paradigm 512

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Got a question, and I wondered if anybody was out there in the middle of
the night, and could help me.

I've been pumping for about three weeks now.  The last couple of site
changes (but not the previous ones), I've had problems with high blood
sugars a couple of hours after the site change.  They can go as high as
300, but then come down and stay down, leading me to think it's not a
site problem.

Here's what happened today:
11:47 am: 128
Did the site change about 12:45, was off insulin for about 20 min., but
I took 0.5 units before disconnection.
12:58 pm: 120
2pm: 123
3pm: 165
340pm: had about 30 carbs, took 2.2 units
415pm: 271 (figured I didn't take enough insulin for that gingerbread
latte, took 1.9.)
530pm: 309 (took 2 more units)
6pm: 256
9pm: 47 (!, so I think, this thing is working...)

But now it's creeping back into the 200's.  If it stays there much
longer, I'll do a site change, but I wondered if the pattern above made
any sense to anybody...

(Feeling pretty frustrated right now, trying to get a project done
that's due tomorrow, but being impeded by feeling crappy...)
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