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[IP] ketones

I'm having difficulty understanding life.  I was diagnosed at 42, on the pump 
for the past year.  I've mostly got my sugar under control, but this last 
 Friday, I suddenly spiked up and started spilling ketones. I never have before.
I did all the usual, changed sites, opened a new bottle of insulin, drank 
 water, everything I could think of. My sugar came down, only to go up again in
very short time.  Usually, I can blame this on hormones (I'm a 46 year old 
peri-menopausal woman), but this happened a whole week early!  I am waiting to 
see if my female parts have gone nuts or if I need to find some other reason 
 for this change. In the meantime, I'm fighting like heck to keep my sugars down
and checking every 2 hours.  I just needed to share this with someone.  If 
this is going to happen for the next year or more, I may go nuts!
Oh, and on the temperature issue, my husband says I could heat up the north 
pole with the heat my body gives off.

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