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Re: [IP] Sweating

Even among non-diabetics, don't some perspire alot more than others?
I am a Type 2 insulin user.  Yeah pumping!  I autonomic neuropathy can 
cause sweating, other things can too.
I sweat more pre-official Dx ,on orals & when first on insulin, (small 
amounts), then when I finally went to Lantus & upped the dosage over & 
above what was suggested.
On the pump, because of alot of movement sometimes, once basals upped 
enough, had many fewer sweats, and lows at night.
When Bg high and moving alot, thought it was liver putting off extra 
glucose & did not have enough insulin in body to cover the extra 
glucose, and was exhaused, everything was an effort.  It was as if the 
insulin I took to cover food was used for body needs, sic movement, thus 
would run high Bgs as food digested.
When Bgs drop suddenly when active,  I have the wipe- your- eyes sweat & 
check Bg & am low, below 50, often 45 or 32, & still feel fine, just 
damp!  (unexpected need for more food?  Should have used different I/C 
ratio?  Glucose tabs come in handy! )
Raising basals, stopped most sweats, & have more energy.  I can use a 
1/10 insulin/carb ratio at times I know I will be more active.
Once again, the variables are so many, I just do the best I can, keep my 
ears & eyes open for  little tips.
Experience is a great teacher. Linda K

>Could there be some relationship to T1 Diabetes?
 > I'm so sure that there is a relationship between d &sweating. Joshua sweats
more than any other little kid I've ever seen. asked, always get a
>non-committal response.
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