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Re: [IP] Re: Just a Minor Observation (WAS Help Solve This Urgent Mystery)

Re-read my quote again.

The little smiley at the end indicates that this was intended to be a tongue
in cheek comment, not an acusation that this particular child was doing so.
Again, anything is possible with a 12 year old.

Just because we take our disease seriously doesn't mean that we can't poke
a bit of fun at it or life.

Was my attempt at a little bit of humor taken incorrectly by everyone?

--- "jspock @shore.net" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >Re: [IP] Help Solve this Urgent Mystery!! Please help!
> Someone Said:
> >You can prime insulin and not have it show up in the TDD log.  It would be 
> >incredibly difficult to do this
> >accurately though.  You'd have to be a devious little email @ redacted@rd in order 
> >to.... Hey wait a minute, this is
> >a 12 year old, entirely possible.  =)
> I was really surprised to read comments like this in response to a request 
> for help.  How many times has someone on this list (besides me) vented, 
> raged and fumed at a medical professional for accusing them of doing 
> something wrong or making things up?  None of us like it when it happens to 
> us, so why are we accusing someone else of doing the same thing?
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