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Re: [IP] trusting my pump

On 17 Nov 2003 at 8:48, ruth jennison <email @ redacted> wrote:

> a few comments/questions after four days on my new pump.
> 1. did anyone have problems coming to "trust" their pump?

 I always trust my pump! The only "failure" I've had with it was due to the
faulty processing
unit I have between my ears.

> recurring fear that the pump will malfunction, or the set will go bad,

A "going bad" Set Happens (I did spell that "set", not the 4 letter word)   ;>)

> or ill just suddenly spike. i know all of these things can happen, but
> im having trouble feeling that they are exceptions to the rule. i
> think it is just so odd not to take a shot for food, and there really
> isnt visual affirmation that insulin has been delivered (other than
> the pump screen) so it is most likely a period of adjustment. im
> having trouble sleeping from worry about it.

 You will find that the rule is that there are no rules. Don't worry, Sleep

> 3. im using the quickset, which is going fine. however: when i was
> trying out the set several times i never had a reaction. now, i get a
> red circle that looks like an angry bullseye around the little red dot
> where the cannula was. it doesnt itch, so this may be a bit cosmetic.
> should i try that tape-stuff? i cant figure out if im allergic to the
> adhesive, or the redness is caused by removal, which in my opinion,
> really hurts (like pulling off the tape they use after taking your
> blood.

 Or is it the insulin. Many pumpers (myself included) have alergic reactions to
 Humalog. I used to mix H and Velosulin, but now I'm on straight Novolog. I love
 products and have an aversion to E.Coli, even though injected Humalog caused no

> 5. finally, i use so little insulin (almost 30 percent less on the
> pump) that i was wondering if i could keep the same cartridge in when
> i changed the set. yesterday with my first set change i threw away the
> old cartridge, along with quite a bit of insulin, which seemed like a
> waste.

 Definitely a waste, IMO. I change the set every three days, I change the
cartridge every 6
 to 8 days (note: Braums Flavor of the Week is Chocolate Covered Cherries, look
out!) ;>)
Quite often the set change and cartridge change do not coincide.

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