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[IP] sweating

I was diagnosed Type 1 at age 37.  I exercise a lot and up to about two years
before the diagnosis I sweat a lot during exercise.  Then the actual "sweat"
started to decrease and I just get REALLY hot and my face turns red, etc.
during exercise.  I am now 45 - on the pump for 3 years now.  In the last year
I have finally started to "sweat" a little again during exercise.  During
these in between years I just got really, really hot and turned brights shades
of red - felt like I was burning up and having heatstroke, but with no actual
perspiration.  I have asked my endo at various times and he says it is all D
related.  Couple years ago I asked him if I would ever "sweat" again and he
said chances are that you might not - sweat glands, etc. are all related to
the endocrine system and since this system is not functioning "correctly" the
actual sweat may never come back.  He also said many Diabetics are dehydrated
lots of the time without knowing it as we just get used to it - I don't sweat
any more no matter how much water I drink.  But - like I said - in the last
year I have started to actually perspire a "little" during intensive exercise
so maybe it is coming back?  When you actually sweat during exercise your body
does not feel NEAR as hot as when you don't sweat and just turn a horrible
shade of red!
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