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[IP] trusting my pump

hi there everyone,

a few comments/questions after four days on my new pump.

1. did anyone have problems coming to "trust" their pump? ive had the best 
sugars of my diabetic life, with no lows, but i have this recurring fear 
that the pump will malfunction, or the set will go bad, or ill just 
suddenly spike. i know all of these things can happen, but im having 
trouble feeling that they are exceptions to the rule. i think it is just so 
odd not to take a shot for food, and there really isnt visual affirmation 
that insulin has been delivered (other than the pump screen) so it is most 
likely a period of adjustment. im having trouble sleeping from worry about it.

2. for women, i highly recommend the Benefit garter, the cutely named 
"chickster." someone else sent this suggestion to the list and i just 
wanted to second it. i wore it last night with a dress, and no one was the 
wiser. plus, it was comfortable.

3. im using the quickset, which is going fine. however: when i was trying 
out the set several times i never had a reaction. now, i get a red circle 
that looks like an angry bullseye around the little red dot where the 
cannula was. it doesnt itch, so this may be a bit cosmetic. should i try 
that tape-stuff? i cant figure out if im allergic to the adhesive, or the 
redness is caused by removal, which in my opinion, really hurts (like 
pulling off the tape they use after taking your blood.

4. if anyone is using the cozmo, do you occasionally "lose" the different 
carb ratios you've programmed? especially when going back and forth between 
carb and insulin unit types of entries? can this be prevented?

5. finally, i use so little insulin (almost 30 percent less on the pump) 
that i was wondering if i could keep the same cartridge in when i changed 
the set. yesterday with my first set change i threw away the old cartridge, 
along with quite a bit of insulin, which seemed like a waste.

I hate to clog the list with lots of emails, so ive tried to compile these 
all together. feel free to answer any  or none of these questions.

thanks so much,

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