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Re: [IP] Pumping Toddlers

You hit the nail right square on the head Shelly!!!   WHY shouldn't
new diabetics be immediately given an "artificial pancreas"?   There
is absolutely nothing to be learned from taking shots, other than
that long-term insulins are a poor treatment for people, or a
treatment for poor people.  If I had my way (sorry GB2) all diabetics
would be offered insulin pumps with NO delay.   Who needs to learn
that shots are lousier than pumps at control.   I'd much rather learn
control with a pump than with shots.  IMO, that's a no-brainer!
Stupid Doctors that deny kids pumps are NON COMPLIANT!!!

first, i needn't even mention, my feeling about the pump, but, i must say, 
that prior to the pump, i found the newer insulins, (that is , newer then 
lente, nph, regular.... etc)  to be a vast improvement, over what i (we) 
had previously,(lantus, novo/huma-log). i think they may have directly 
influenced my decision, to go on the pump.

I know people, who currently use them, and are quite satisfied. if you gave 
them a pump, they would Not use it. (dont ask my why)

"Treatment for poor people" ?? hmmmmmmm, OH, dont you mean the "Majority of 
Americans" ??

Im surely not saying, that injections are a joy, but, i might think there 
is something to be gained from them, not the least of which is time to 
stabilize .... i do know that the settings for my pump, were a direct 
result of my "injection usage".
(and, with the devices today, fractions of units, can be 
administered  quite accurately)

pumps for toddlers ?? though i look at it as noting less then miraculous,
i can imagine some real problems, such as  pulling on the line, tossing 
around the pump, getting it, or the line caught, and all kinds of other 

i also dont think, its always the doctors (though, im sure, they have 
plenty to be blamed for). The insurance companies ?? im not so sure, they 
are the best advocates either.
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