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[IP] Cacelled Insulin Pump Support Group

From: Linda K <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Cancelled Insulin Pump Support Group

> Disetronic is there for support. (just call & find out!)

True, and this will probably only last for another three or four years.

> A new pump made in the USA, will be available the end of year or there
> abouts, as I understand it.

Yes, from Roche's new pump production plant in Indianapolis, IN; but, in which
year, not 2003, and I bet it will be called a Roche pump.

> What the name will be, we will find out. Reps had asked for ideas we'd
> like to see in pump--feed back.

Roche obtained the feed back information that Disetronic had collected. And,
Roche collected a lot of information on their own.  Roche will use it all to
make their new pump. Also, they will most likely use some of the Disetronic
patents which they now own..

> IMO, Disetronic reps & etc are buzy with meetings, traveling for such
> and etc.

Of course, they are going to meetings and traveling, etc. because they are
interviewing for new jobs.

> Call it a hiatus on availability?

Linda K thats just a nice way of saying "you're fired"

Pumping last 9 years with Disetronic pumps
and never had a single failure.  Currently using
a Disetronic D-Tron Plus and loving it.
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