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RE: [IP] Pumping Toddlers

>I agree with you all, but injections need to be learned, even if in
>addition to pumping.

Maybe 34 years of it made me a little blase about learning 
injections.  But if you can learn a pump, you can learn injections in 
less than 1 minute.

>Furthermore, insulin can be deadly, especially for infants where small
>dose titration is paramount.

And this is worse with a pump than with an injection?  Ever try to 
draw an injection for less than one unit?  How about less than 0.1 
units?   I don't think so....         :>p

>They did this because there is a huge liability because pump therapy can
>be dangerous.)

This mostly has to do with Doctor's who are NON-COMPLIANT and 
Uneducated.  All of the arguments cited about the dangers of pumping 
could also be said of injections, only the dangers with injections 
are Greater.  And there are three DANGERS that can be said about 
injections that are NOT present with pumps: NPH, Lente and Ultralente

>Antonio in Los Angeles
>Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
>Paradigm 512

George in Irving
Dx 1964, "reborn" by Disetronic 8/13/98, Animas 10/2/03
34 years of DANGER, now 5 years into my SAFER LIFE    :>)
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