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Re: [IP] Question regarding DKA

At 8:55 PM -0800 11/16/03, maverickmom \(Kerri\) wrote:
>With DKA, serum potassium may be normal or elevated but the total body
>potassium is decreased. That is my understanding, anyway. Gatorade
>and/or orange juice helps replace the potassium and correct the
>electrolyte imbalance.
>Take care, Kerri - IP Parents-of-Pumpers chat host and mom of Shannon
>(email @ redacted 11/96, pumping email @ redacted 11/99, pumping email @ redacted 8/03 and loving
>it!), and her 7 siblings  :-)
>"I count carbs, not sheep!"

Hmmm, that is just Dr. Spot suggested, OJ for it's potassium.   And 
I'd think he WOULD know.   YMMV, but do what the Doctor ordered!!! 

>Meghan said:
>The reason that you get thirsty with DKA is that you sugar is high, and
>you become dehydated.  With DKA, a person's potassium goes way up, not down.
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