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Re: [IP] RE: My Reply/90 day trials

Probably the same answer as for a great many things -- MONEY.  It costs
a great deal of money to both get a pump and keep one up.  Not everyone
has insurance, and not all insurance pays for a pump or pump supplies or
pays for all of them.  Many only pay a percentage.  Depending on what
percentage, you can still be left to come up with about $1000 to just
get the pump itself and the first three months of supplies.  

I know that my own insurance, in it's guidelines for qualifying for a
pump, flat out states that it will not provide pumps for Type II
diabetics under any circumstances, so that eliminates a great many
people right there.

Keep in mind, if your insurance didn't buy you a pump and pay at least
part of your supplies, would you be able to keep pumping?  I know I

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> Why isn't everyone pumping insulin?  I haven't had to call an ambulance in 
> nearly 2 years.  No glucagon injections. No prying teeth open to force 
> monojel down my husband's throat.  I'm not going to be able to maintain my 
> "nursing" skills much longer.
> Oh, by all means, say what you think.
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