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Karan asked about filling D-tron Plus cartridges with
Novolog and the pain-in-the-rear factor.

Gail replies:

I use Novolog in my D-tron Plus.   I fill 10 cartridges
at a time (3 bottles of insulin) and keep them in the
'fridge until I need them.

I DO NOT follow the directions provided by Disetronic.
 The red filling aparatus is NOT user-friendly.

I came up with an alternative way to fill the
cartridges which both my local sales rep and the local
trainer endorse - but it is NOT endorsed by
Disetronic.   My method takes about 1 minute per

If you want me to send you directions on how to fill
the cartridges pain-lessly - please e-mail me


I do what Gail does. I fill between 6 and 18 DTron + cartridges at a time and 
keep them in the fridge.   It is much more convenient that way.   
 Disetronic's glass cartridges are the best feature of any of the pumps out
there. In my
humble opinion, I would rather have the convenience of not having to fill a 
cartridge every few days (you can't prefill & store plastic cartridges).   You 
just take the cartridges out of the fridge beforehand to get them to room 
temp, then pop them in when doing your set change.   This far outweighs any 
"pain-in-the-rear factor" from having to fill the cartridges.

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