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[IP] Re: Drug Tests

>  Okay, several have asked what sites I saw this on. Here is but one. I did a
>general search for "False positive drug test in diabetics" there was several
>ones on Yahoo search. Anyway, I copied part of it and it reads as follows...

Thanks for the copy, but I believe what people have been asking for 
is the URL.  I did my own search using the "False positive drug test 
in diabetics" as the term.  I WASN''T impressed with the URLs.  I 
went to Google and did an advanced Search.  Seems that Google comes 
up with very similar results.  Mostly along the lines of such notable 
web sites such as www.passyourdrugtest.com   I'm not convinced.

>Medications & Substances Causing False Positives
>  According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service.

Don't know about LATimes New but at www.latimes.com I didn't find 
anything using "false positive drug test diabet"

>  Ronald Siegel, a psychopharmacologist at UCLA said

Haven't found any quote of his along this line, though he has 
published a respectable book on the subject of drug tests.

>  Byrd Labs has in its possession an internal document from the Syva Company,

Using this I did find the URL you quoted:


Interesting that the Title of the page is "Conquering The Urine 
Tests" by Jeffrey Nightbyrd (note name) "The Original Inventor of 
Drug Free Powdered Urine"

>Substances that cause False Positive Drug Test Results

Interesting that there was NO mention of insulin.  Sorry, but until 
you can come up with a "respectable" source and post the URL, I just 
don't see it.     :>)

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