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[IP] MiniMed Upsets Me Again

Maybe you all can put this into some kind of perspective for me.  Just
last month, I gathered all my spare diabetes supplies and sold them on
ebay to finance my upgrade from the 511 to the 512.  I paid $450.  Now
MM has announced that it has reduced the price to $299.  Most
electronics stores, like Best Buy and Circuit City, have policies where
if the item goes on sale within 30 days after purchase, they will refund
the difference.  I suspect most stores would do this as well.  The logic
being that within the 30 days, you could just return the item for a full
refund, then re-buy the item at the reduced price.  Is there any reason
I should expect MM to adhere to the same consumer standard?  Or not?  Is
this just another case where one has to cut one's losses and move on?
Your constructive input is appreciated.
Antonio in Los Angeles
Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
Paradigm 512
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