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[IP] RE: BCBS and changing out to MM712

I  just got my 712 Minimed  pump and its true, I love it.  I had the 512 for
only a short time, (less than 30 days) and my rep was good enough to upgrade
me for free.  Here is something that you may want to entertain:

1. Have you had your existing pump less than 30 days?  If so the company
that sold you the Cozmo may allow you to send it back anyway.
2. Blue Cross and Blue shield has been my insurance company for 32 years.  I
know if there is something that they can do that is "right" they will do it.

I need to ask you something though, Does the Cosmo have a 300 unit
reservoir?  If the answer is no, then your number of reservoir changes may
dictate that you change pumps.

If it does have a large reservoir, you may have to be satisfied with it for
a while.  Just remember one thing, at least you have a pump.  I have heard
lots of people complain that they don't get their choice but what if they
couldn't have one at all.

Good Luck, Mark

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