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Re: [IP] Cancelled Insulin Pump Support Group

On 15 Nov 2003 at 23:09, Hal and/or Jo <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Aren't you being overly harsh on Disetronic?  My Insulin Pump Support
> Group lost Disetronic's support as well; but none of us have hard
> feelings toward Disetronic over it.

 I do have hard feelings, but it is Certainly NOT directed at Disetronic. Thanks
a lot FDA, I
 can feel so safe because of your protection, NOT. Why did you sit on your a$$
for 22
year$ and then give $accharin a "GRA$" label.
> Did you realize that Disetronic's entire field sales force was laid
> off?  The company is in a major state of flux under new ownership
> (Roche) and currently does not have the resources, or motivation, to
> support Insulin Pump Support Groups.
 Let's turn this around! Why aren't Pump Support Groups working to help out all
the sales
people that were terminated because they no longer had anything to $ell?

> Service of Disetronic pumps, already in use, will continue well into
> the future.  However, I personally question whether we will ever see a
> new pump made with Disetronic's name on it.
> Hal
> IDDM 23 years, pumping almost 9 years

 I must say that Disetronic has remained a Paragon of Service. My neice recently
sent an
H-tron in due to it's 8x's alarm.  A NEW Pump was returned within 2 days.

George      :>)
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