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[IP] 1 week after eye surgery

Last Thursday 11/06, I had surgery consisting of a vitrectomy, intraocular
lens implantation and a resuturing of my iris to correct trauma damage which
ocurred when a baseball slammed into my eye, turning the lens in my glasses
into shard daggers and ultimately led to a cataract, and scarred cornea.  The
trauma was so severe that my eye turned away.  I have had double vision all
these years, but without a lens, seeing only 20/400, the 2nd image was too
faint to affect me, other than initially.  They tried an eye muscle surgery to
realign my eye w/ a contact lens as a replacement to my own.  The trauma left
things too unstable to try an IOL at the time.  They eye turned away agin
since my vision was still insufficient for my brain to fuse them.  I was told
to wait 10 years before trying anything else in order to let my eye heal

Vision Testing:

Pre-Surgery: 20/400
Surgery +1: 20/70
Surgery +7: 20/50
Surgery +7 w/ pinhole eye cover: 20/30!!!!

Previous best w/ a contact lens was 20/50, but the quality was nowhere near
what it is now since the vitrectomy cleared alot scar tissue that was causing
"waviness" in what was viewable.

Time, healing, and refraction will bring this down even more. I'm told that it
will be at least 2 months until my vision settles and my eye recovers from the
procedure.  Colors are not as vibrant and robust as in my good eye. Surgeon
says this is retina damage partly attributal to the original trauma, partly
due to the surgery itself; this will improve though as the retina heals.

For comparison, my "good" eye:
w/glasses: ~20/20
w/o: 20/100

My iris used to look like crap:

See this pic (bandwidth warning):


Now my iris looks very good.  It is not as thick @ the 10 o'clock, position as
in others, but the gaping hole is also gone.  It's much improved.  The iris is
a very stretchy membrane, and I've read you only nead around 2/3 odf it to
rebuild a normal pupil.  My iris has been nonfunction in 13 years.  The
surgeon thinks there is still chance for functionality now that it has been
put back together again.

Most of the corneal scars are now covered by the iris.  There is one scar dead
center, but the surgeon feels that it might not be too bad.  Once things
settle, the we could leave it as is, use a laser to "resurface" my cornea, and
ultimately we could try a cornea transplant.

The big challenge will be correcting the double vision.  The bad eye could
come back to alignment if the final image is "good" enough for the brain to
resolve.  If not, we can correct with lens prisms, or try another eye muscle

So far I'm extremely happy.  The sight improvement has been nothing short of
phenominal, and things will only get better.  If nothing else, my peripheral
vision will be the main beneficiary, giving me a better field for driving.
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