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Re: [IP]Insulin bad for the body?

My husband dropped from 155 pd to 132 pd on the pump. In two years, he's 
never regained that weight. Why didn't he gain weight?  He didn't change his 
diet to eat all sorts of goodies he'd been missing for 25 years. In fact, he 
eliminated a couple of snacks so that saved calories.  He was eating up to 
his insulin.  His insulin programme--two shots / da--never let him control 
his bgs well.  To get through the night he had to eat a bedtime snack.  He 
really didn't even want the food, but if he didn't eat it, he'd go very low 
and pass out or even convulse.

The books say the diabetic will feel hunger for the first time in years.  
That's what happened to my husband.  He started saying, "I'm hungry!"  I'd 
never heard him say that before.

By the way, he was never fat. He may be thinnish because his bgs are still a 
little high.I'm hoping we can get a better HBa1c next month.  Fingers 

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>Depends entirely on what you eat and how much "extra" insulin you take.
>Here's the deal.  Doctor's tend to prescribe x amount of insulin, and then
>give you a diet of y amount of calories.  The x amount of insulin tends to
>be quite a bit higher than many people need.  Thus the diabetic has to eat
>more to keep from going hypoglycemic.  Especially if something changes in
>their life, like they exercise, etc.
>With the pump, the diabetic should be controlling how much insulin they are
>getting -- they should be taking enough to control their blood sugar 
>food, plus enough to cover any food they eat.  If they find they are 
>weight, they need to increase exercise, or decrease the amount of calories
>they are taking.  They should also adjust their insulin needs accordingly.
>FYI:  I have met at least one person who uses the pump the way the doctor's
>do shots.  Has never heard of carb counting etc.  ARGH!
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>Subject: Re: [IP]Insulin bad for the body?
> > my daughter 3mo.diagnosed starts pumpimg next wednesday. is it true that
> >  insulin therapy can actually make you gain weight? well if that true,
> > about
> > the pump? do you gain weight too?
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