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Re: [IP] RE: My Reply/90 day trials

I'm sure we could have had an animas 90 day trial and we did have a mini-med 
90 day trial and got the 511 when it came out as a free up-grade.  That was 
nearly 2 years ago, though, times may have changed!

Why isn't everyone pumping insulin?  I haven't had to call an ambulance in 
nearly 2 years.  No glucagon injections. No prying teeth open to force 
monojel down my husband's throat.  I'm not going to be able to maintain my 
"nursing" skills much longer.

Oh, by all means, say what you think.

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>Subject: [IP] RE:  My Reply/90 day trials
>Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 14:07:35 -0700
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>George:  Have to jump in and say that I was given a 90 day trial with 
>Things went so well, my Endo pushed my paperwork through early but Animas
>treated me like gold and if I needed the full three months, I would have 
>However, this is probably not the norm and I agree that under most
>circumstances you usually have to do a trial run in a few days.
>Not sure what Dianna is referring to here, but my point was that many of us
>are already on pump number two or three or whatever so we do have 
>and a right to say what we think.
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