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Re: [IP] Question regarding DKA

 I have thrown up even when it's on the way down. That's when my ketones are at
their worst.
 As for the electrolyte imbalance. I have been limited to fluid the size of a
mayo jar the past several months because of a severe sodium imbalance. I have to
put salt on my food now, and I just told my nephrologist that I can't live the
rest of my life like this. I admit I really overdid the fluid consumption, but
come on. So he doubled my allotted fluids from 1000 to the 1500. yuk
 What kind of medication can help adjust this condition. He did tell me that
it's most likely as the result of all the medication I'm currently on.
Thank you,
Lisa Ann
dx 1970, pumping 1989 MM508

Heidi Vogan <email @ redacted> wrote:
Can anyone tell me if the thirst in DKA is related to
the potassium loss?I've heard,that one of the symptoms
of low potassium is thirst..of course,I know the
primary reason is dehydration but I'm just wondering
if thats true.Under the best of circumstances,I have
to take large amounts of supplements to keep my
electrolytes up and I've noticed,when I get large
ketones + resolve them within a few hours,it still
takes quite awhile(24+ hrs) to quit feeling
thirsty.What symptoms(if you are headed toward
DKA)would indicate you may be getting really potassium
And one more question..does everyone in DKA throw
up?Everything I've read,says not be concerned if you
aren't throwing up,just keep taking extra
insulin/fluids.I've only been in DKA once in my
life,even at 1100 mg/dl I was not throwing up,I never
throw up.How many of you have that symptom when you're
headed toward DKA?
pumping 4/01
and dx'd 12/98

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