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[IP] RE: My Reply/90 day trials

At 2:07 PM -0700 11/15/03, Laura Shapiro wrote:
>George:  Have to jump in and say that I was given a 90 day trial with Animas.
>Things went so well, my Endo pushed my paperwork through early but Animas
>treated me like gold and if I needed the full three months, I would have had
>However, this is probably not the norm and I agree that under most
>circumstances you usually have to do a trial run in a few days.

Laura, I guess I have to agree to not disagree with you!    ;>) 
But as you say, this may have been a special case.  Funny thing is 
that my Rep. is almost as nice as yours, we're not talking about the 
same Chris C are we?    ;>)     Whether you have a GREAT rep or just 
a good one, I think that we ALL can expect to at least have a pump 
for a few days, and we need to take advantage of that or it is 
"caveat emptor"

>Not sure what Dianna is referring to here, but my point was that many of us
>are already on pump number two or three or whatever so we do have experience
>and a right to say what we think.

DEFINITELY, no disagreement with you There!!!    :>)

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