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[IP] RE: eye update and question

Julie:  There is bedside manner and lack of it.  I have run into it before,
and it stinks.  It sounds like this guy didn't have any.
When I had my laser, like I mentioned, we did a few and then paused and then
did a few more.  There is no reason the dumb guy shouldn't be letting you rest
in between a few. And I still say there is no reason for shots.  I am like
you, I get nervous before appointments, my Bg goes way up and I feel just

I am not sure, perhaps someone else knows, if the photographs of your eye can
be transferred to another doctor (I believe so, but not sure.)  I would think
they are your property and go with your records, but I could be wrong.

I'm sorry it was so dreadful.  It sounds like the guy was rude to your hubby
too and that isnt a good thing.
I'm hoping whatever you decided, things will work out for you.  Maybe you
should just refuse the shot and let him know in no uncertain terms that you
will be just fine if he will pause a bit between lasers.
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