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Re: [IP] Re: highly resistant insulin users

> >>>There is another choice that is out there of insulin to speak with your
> endo about. I used Humalin R in my pump that is U500. This means for
> every unit you are receiving 5 units. For example my normal basal
> rate in my pump reads that I get 31 units of insulin but because of
> the concentration of the U500 I actually use 85 units.>>>
> Or you can use one of the Panomat pumps that are set for U500
> insulin and don't need to keep those calculations in mind. Michael
> can refer you to the info.

The Panomat's have up to 1000u capacity with U100 insulin.
See:  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/links.shtml
The Disetronic link -- High Capacity Pumps
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