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[IP] Donating

Dear Michael,
    I'm often one of those who sees another letter from you asking for 
 donations in my email box, and deletes it without even reading it. I've been a
 member of the group for several years now, I reason, and I probably really
need it that much any more.  So, playing the devil's advocate with myself, I 
asked, "Why don't you just remove yourself from the list?"  
    At first I just ignored the question.  Then I found myself thinking about 
it without really meaning to.  After all, sometimes I have 10-15 unread 
 digests in my mailbox that I may or may not get around to reading before
them.  I do, usually, at least read the subject lines to see if there's 
 something of interest. There almost always is. But then I reason that I've had
 diabetes approaching 50 years now. Surely there isn't anything I don't know
the disease?  
    But that's just it.  There is news unfolding every day.  The non-diabetic 
public may report on diabetes news, but when it comes from one on the 
 "outside" there really is little or no understanding of its merit. When it
from this group, with all the insights and opinions and personal experience 
thrown in, there is so much more of a feeling of validity.  
    Sometimes I can offer some support from my experience as a diabetic child 
(dx age 6), wife, mother, or grandmother, as well as being the mother of a 
 diabetic daughter (dx age 2) who is the mother of a diabetic 6-year-old-son (dx
age 2).  More often I take what I've gleaned from Insulin-Pumpers to face new 
experiences, such as how to deal with the new school nurse who wants to 
 re-write my grandson's regimen (at the school where I teach, no less! and, yes,
504 plan is in the making).  Would I have been so confident in knowing how to 
approach the issues without this forum?  No way!
    One other point that came to mind is the hope of being among the first to 
know when "the cure" becomes reality.  I can't wait to read all the letters 
of those who become a part of that history in the making!  In the meantime, 
keeping abreast of all the new technology contributes to the hope of an easier 
way of dealing with the big D for me and for my progeny.  Where better to find 
real-life ratings of everything new that comes along?
    To make a long letter longer I just want to say thanks to you, Michael, 
for having the vision to start this list, and to all the members of this list 
for being such a supportive community.  And thank you, too, for the donation 
reminders.  Whether I consciously wanted them to or not, they made me aware of 
just how important Insulin-Pumpers is.  My contribution is on its way.

Brenda Martinez
Dx-1957  Pumping since 1996
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