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[IP] Urgent Mystery: How does a kid with diabetes get insulin without recording TDD!

I liked the one from another poster about him pushing the insulin in 
manually, too.  I hope that's not what he's doing.  That's dangerous.

At least, if he's just priming 10 or 12 units of insulin with a 'fixed 
prime', he would still be counting carbs and basaling correctly.  I guess 
Animas has a "fixed prime" as the minimed Paradigms do,eh?

Fun and games!  I'm worried my 21 year old son may be going diabetic.  The 
new ways of managing diabetes must be very difficult for the young and, by 
definition, irresponsible.  . .  I know some are very responsible.

This 12 year old sounds pretty creative and pretty intelligent, doesn't he?

My husband tried something similar a few months ago. I was about to call 
mini-med because I thought the pump was recording extra manual primes we 
hadn't given it. Then, he confessed!  He's 57 years old.

>I love it!  Smart kid!  My question for the Animas users is:  Does the
>pump have a Prime History screen like the MM 512 does?
>Antonio in Los Angeles
>Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
>Paradigm 512
>Nothing is Kidproof!!!!!!!! :)
>Asked my grandson, (15) He looked at the pump 5 - 10 min then told me to
>just prime it. either auto or manual , it won't show on the TDD.
> > No way on the Animas Pump. It is so simple it is kidproof too, after
>all I
> > use it.,spot

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