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[IP] eye update and question (and some venting too)

Went for the laser yestaerday.  I really want to thank all of you who
replied about your experiences.  I can't tell you how much that helped.  I
told them I wanted drops, no shot, since I had talked to all of you and
didn't think I needed the shot and I pass out every time I get a shot anyway
(including my first few insulin shots and pump insertions).  So 3 hours
after I got to the office we finally started (don't you love that?).  After
a few minutes I was sweating and clammy and lightheaded and dizzy...happens
all the time.  So I told the doc, who then freaked and laid the chair back
and brought my husband and 3 nurses in the room and then left to go see
other patients while I recovered.  When he finally came back I tried to
explain that this happens all the time- dentist, podiatrist, pump training,
even my first rollercoaster ride.  It's nerves.  I get myself all worked up
and tense and then feel like I'm going to pass out.  My endo now has to
surprise me when they do yearly bloodwork, and I do it laying down.  But he
says no it's something called a Vagel (sp?) response- when someone puts
bright lights or pressure on the eye you get those symptoms and then pass
out.  I tried to tell him it's nerves, but he says no.  Then my husband
speaks up and says politely that he really thinks it's nerves and it's
happened before.  The doc immediately shut him down and says "no, I know
what I'm talking about."  I convinced him to try again, and this time I
tried taking deep breaths and not tensing up while I was sitting up in the
chair... and no problems.  But after doing a whole bunch rapidly in the same
spot, the brightness started to hurt so I said can we stop a second.  Well
he got up and said "ok we're done for today."  He only did 250 out of 500.
I tried to tell him it was the light and not passing out but he seems to
think I was trying to be a "hero" and made me lay down again.  Then he left.
I'm scheduled to do the left eye in 3 weeks and he wants to do the shot
because he says it will "block" the Vagel thing.  I say it's nerves (why
else was my bg 95 in the parking lot and 2 hours later in the little room it
was 360 when I am usually going low that time of day?).  And I think I would
know my body a heck of a lot better than a doctor who has examined me once
and looked at pictures of my eyes.  He acts like he knows everything and
won't listen.  I really can't stand doctors who think their patients don't
know anything just because they haven't been to medical school.  I think if
I can get in there (and not wait 3 nervous hours) and do like 75-100 and
then rest for 30 seconds or so, then do another 75-100 and rest, etc.  I
will be fine.  (but that would take too much of his precious time wouldn't
it?)  Plus it's not going to be the first time so I know I need to relax.
It wasn't painful at all, just a little bit of pain when he did a bunch in
the same place, but it was like pain from looking at the sun or something,
you know?  So how do I explain that to this conceded know-it-all?  Should I
try to find another doc to do it?  2 Doctors that I trust recommended this
guy as the best in the area, not to mention if I go somewhere else won't
they have to examine me and do another dye study before they can do lazer?
I don't want to do that again for sure and it would take too long.  But this
guy just doesn't listen.  I'm not doing the shot.  If I really thought I
needed it I would do it, I have before in other situations.  I've had stuff
done to my eye before never with this reaction, but I have had it many times
before in new or nervous situations...so I know he is wrong.  Anyway what
would you do?  Thanks!!
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