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Re: [IP] Just got my A1c

Yeah, my husband's bgs were incredibly good, when we were on the blood 
glucose monitoring device, too.  But it was raining all week-end and we were 
on our best behaviour.  If he'd gotten some exercise and been out and about 
more I don't think they'd have been as good.

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>Subject: [IP] Just got my A1c
>Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 22:54:56 EST
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>I cannot believe this, I just got a call from my doctors office today and 
>A1c was 6.6!  I swear I never thought I would break 7.  I had 2 eye 
>this summer and was temp. blind for about 2 months and couldn't do anything
>  physical, so I pretty much did nothing. My hubby and kids would check my 
>for me, and since I really could'nt do anything but sit around, we checked
>them a lot, somtimes 15 times a day.  My sugars were really good and if 
>were just a tad bit high, like 130 or something, I'd go ahead and bolus a 
>little correction.  I can't help thinking if I could just have something 
>the gluco watch that was reliable and durable my sugars would be fantastic 
>the time.
>Please note that my A1c is not a competition or a test score, just very 
>news to this person sitting here still in disbelief.
>I love my pump :-)
>PS:  A1c pre-pump was 8.5 and then past year and a half have been 7.3 - 7.5
>and now 6.6.
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