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Re: [IP] Best Pump Ever? You People Just Don't Get It!!

Let's have a moment's silence for the many, many Americans who don't even 
have access to medical care, let alone an insulin pump!  And the many, many 
Canadians that don't have access to funding for insulin pumps or the 
training for them.

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>Subject: [IP] Best Pump Ever? You People Just Don't Get It!!
>Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 10:11:29 -0600
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>I don't understand why people start posts/topics of this nature!! It is
>only meant to stir up trouble when it is worded this way! You want to
>know what the best pump ever is? It is the one that make your quality of
>life better!! It is the one that lets you live a more normal life!! It
>is the one that allows you to have better health and avoid the dreaded
>complications of diabetes!!! It is the one that gives your family peace
>of mind that you are going to be healthy!!! It is the one that says
>thank God I live in America where I have the ability to choose a pump
>that fits me best!!! I hate topics like this and I don't like it when
>people argue over which pump is best!!! The pump I have now is the best
>ever!!! The next pump I get will then be the best ever!!! Get over it
>people and just be thankful for what you have!!!!! God Bless Everyone!!!
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