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Re: [IP] The Other Side of the Story

It hasn't been my experience that women are more tolerant of handicapped men 
than men are.  My husband has several visible handicaps as well as being a 
type 1 diabetic on a pump.  The incredibly horrible comments women make, 
even members of his own family, even registered nurses, never fail to shock 
and amaze me.  A lot of his male friends have been very helpful and kind to 
him and to me over the years.  I appreciate it, guys!

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>Subject: [IP] The Other Side of the Story
>Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 19:39:02 -0500
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>I believe that what jenny said is true: IN GENERAL women (girls) are more 
>tolerant of disabilities in mates/dates than men (boys.)
>I'm surprised no one has mentioned the possible 'cure' involving spleen 
>cells in mice (rats) It was on the BBC tonight.
>ANd on another subject  DELTEC has been p--s poor about getting back to me 
>as a potential (pre-approved) customer so it looks like an ANimas it will 
>be. Ciss Boom Rahhh, Give me an A.....
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